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Founded in 2004, the Keizer Community Foundation provides cultural and educational opportunities, charitable services and personal development programs to Keizer citizens.

The Keizer Community Foundation is a 501c3. The Keizer Foundation works proudly, serving the Keizer Community.

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People Helping People in Keizer

Keizer Community Foundation has worked for years to identify and then fill Keizer’s needs. The food bank has provided for the needs of local people for many years. More recently, the community discovered that students at Keizer’s middle and high schools needed some assistance with regard to school supplies, nutritional snacks and even clean clothing.

Keizer Community Foundation got to work setting up a network to help. First they made people aware of the need, then they solicited donations and a way to collect them, and finally they set up safe spaces in the schools where students can ‘shop’ for their needs at no cost. That’s putting Keizer’s peoples’ needs first! Way to go Keizer Community Foundation!

~ Julie Y


Community Partnership

Not only does the Keizer Foundation supply basic needs to the local schools they also support other non-profits in Keizer to serve other needs. During these uncertain times, they continue to adapt and create new ways to continue to serve their community.

~Stephanie B.


Making a Difference

KCF is such an amazing organization helping so many students and families in the Keizer community. They are making a difference in the community. Thank you for all you do!

~Tiffany L.

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Keizer is a wonderful place to live, work and play. We invite you to join us in making our local community better everyday.

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